Invested and shared by Heilan Home Co., Ltd., EICHITOO was established for women's wear in 2010. Position as a fast fashion brand, EICHITOO integrates modern fashion and multi-culture. EICHITOO combines fashion design and popular elements for women's clothing, and ingeniously integrates refined style and stylish design sense, to create new delicate, modern, charming, elegant urban fashion for modern women who love fashion and pursue popular fashion and stylish texture.

EICHITOO products are divided into three series, i.e., OFFICE, LIFE, and FASHION. Their overall style is fashionable and not eye-catching, and simple and not brief, to make it energetic and confident. In 2016, it invited Wang Likun, "goddess without makeup", as the brand spokesperson, to perfectly interpret the brand attitude of "confidence, sunshine, vitality and elegance". Advocated by EICHITOO, the fashion concept that love allows for beauty every day is not only a call to kindness and beauty in human nature, but also a commitment to women pursuing exquisite fashion life in the city!

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