Established in 2017, Heilan Home is a fully new brand of lifestyle home furnishing under Heilan Group. It is committed to improving the national life aesthetics and providing the citizens with one-stop shopping experience for selected high-quality home furnishing products, which cover eleven major commodity series and nearly 4,000 kinds of commodities in the three fields of clothing, groceries, and fashion furnishing, making quality product and optimal price and life aesthetics integrate into every aspect of modern people's daily life.

Heilan Home is not only a store, but also an incubator for life inspiration. It's not just selling basic necessities, it's also providing a taste and aesthetics class for everyone. Not only is it full of little fun, but it also makes shopping very satisfying. Heilan Home was born to meet the growing aesthetic needs of urban consumers for consumer goods, and to provide the public with a one-stop home shopping experience at a preferential price