Heavy! Hailan Group ranked first in Wuxi for five consecutive years


On August 22, the 2019 China Top 500 Private Enterprises Summit was held in Xining, Qinghai Province. Hailan Group ranked 39th among the top 500 private enterprises in China with a total revenue of 120.586 billion yuan, and ranked 8th in Jiangsu Province and ranked No. Wuxi has maintained its first place for five years. It is understood that the list of the top 500 private enterprises in China is based on the survey of large-scale private enterprises, and is generated in descending order of operating income. Compared with last year, the list of Top 500 Private Enterprises has changed a lot. The number of participating companies has increased by 772, and 5,384 companies have participated in the survey and passed the data review. Affected by this, the entry barriers for the top 500 private enterprises continued to increase, reaching 18.586 billion yuan. After 31 years of entrepreneurship, Hailan Group has successfully embarked on a transformation road of “one person who produces the first property, doing the second property and earning the money from the third property”. In recent years, downward pressure on the domestic economy has increased, and Hailan Group has maintained steady development. Total operating income and total profits ranked No. 1 among Chinese apparel companies for five consecutive years. Hailan adheres to the original intention of strengthening national brands, adhering to the corporate spirit of "continuously denying itself and always pursuing excellence", following the trend of the times, strengthening its main business, and continuing to write about the glory of Chinese clothing!