Hailan House responds positively to the “Belt and Road” initiative


On April 25th, Hailan House Thailand Super Ceremony kicked off in CentralwOrld, the first-line business center in Bangkok, Thailand. Hailan House brought its brand HLA, OVV, and black whale HLAJEANS to form a brand matrix and landed in Thailand. National treasure superstar Anne Thongprasom led, 18 Thai superstars gathered, fans and fashion experts gathered. This super festival that radiated the Thai business, fashion and entertainment circles has aroused widespread attention from domestic and foreign media. At the press conference with the theme of "Hello Thailand", the shocking opening video opened the curtain of the super ceremony. With the enthusiastic opening dance, Thailand ’s first season “Masked King” champion and popular male star TOM ISSARA sang passionately with the powerful actress PAM GAIA. Then, five popular superstars from Thailand wore black whale HLAJEANS, OVV, HLA series costumes appeared on the show. After the three fashion shows, Zhou Jianping, chairman of Hailan Group, Zhou Lizhen, president of Hailan Group, and Khun Kenneth, senior of CPN Business Group, jointly staged the launching ceremony of Sands, a symbol of good luck and wealth. This marks the official opening of Hailan House and its brands OVV and Black Whale HLAJEANS in Thailand, and its international layout will also enter a new stage. Rooted in the profound soil of Chinese culture, Hailan House, as a member of the Chinese fashion industry, actively responds to the country ’s “Belt and Road” policy, strives to draw on nutrients from a global perspective, and assumes the mission of cultural output based on clothing. National brands will continue to actively explore, promote national fashion globally, gain more market success, and exert greater cultural influence.