Work together to create the future


we're home." This sentence called out the voice of 420 double top 100 store managers. Both of them are Hailan people, sharing Hailan dream. In this vigorous June, they have come back from all parts of the country with great reputation. this is a hard-working and enterprising team, young and high spirited, only to adhere to the dream and constantly achieve a better self. This is an Invincible Iron Army. It has made great achievements in fighting against all difficulties. It is only to stick to its original aspiration and strive to create better performance. at 4:00 p.m. on June 3, the headquarters of Hailan group was shining with stars. In the flowers and applause, the 2019 Hailan home top 100 awards ceremony was kicked off in the headquarters Exhibition Center. 420 "top 100" store managers are full of energy, high spirited and energetic. They are honored with the highest standard and the highest honor of the group's stores every year! the highest honor, the highest feast. 420 top 100 store managers lined up in the crowd and were welcomed by Chairman Zhou Jianping, the "big parent". The ceremony presented three awards, namely "growth Award", "potential award" and "beyond Award". 2019" growth Award "of Hailan family's top 100 companies < / span > < br / > 2019" potential award "of Hailan family's top 100 companies < / span > < br / > 2019" beyond Award "of the top 100 companies in Hailan family < / span > < br / > never give up and go forward bravely. In Hailan, a big family full of love, surpass dreams and create brilliance again! we have passed the extraordinary 2019 together. Facing 2020, we will continue to move forward hand in hand. We believe that Hailan people, with one heart, keep going all the time, to build Hailan this happy blue ocean, work together to create the future!