New era and new journey Hailan group welcomes its new chairman!


embrace the new era and march towards a new journey. In 32 years, Hailan group has made great achievements. In the flowers and applause, Hailan group ushered in the new chairman. With dream as horse, Hailan strives to build a new retail benchmark in the industry.

November < / span > < span style =" margin:0px;padding :0px;max- width:100%;color :#333333;font- size:17px; letter- spacing:0.544px;text-align :justify;white- space:normal;background-color :#FFFFFF;font- family:Calibri;box-sizing :border-box !important;overflow- wrap:break-word !important ;">25 on the afternoon of June, Pegasus water city was shining with stars," a new starting point, a new beginning and a new journey - < span style = " margin:0px;padding :0px;max- width:100%;box-sizing :border-box !important;overflow- wrap:break-word !important ; "> new directors < / span > < span style =" margin:0px;padding :0px;max- width:100%;box-sizing :border-box !important;overflow- wrap:break-word !important ; "> Council established < / span > and < span style =" margin:0px;padding :0px;max- width:100%;box-sizing :border-box !important;overflow- wrap:break-word !important "> Hailan new retail launching ceremony < / span >" was held here.

great news was announced at the meeting: < / span > < strong style =" margin:0px;padding :0px;max- width:100%;color :#333333;font- family:-apple-system-font , BlinkMacSystemFont, " font- size:17px;letter-spacing :0.544px;white- space:normal;background-color :#FFFFFF;text- align:justify;box-sizing :border-box !important;overflow- wrap:break-word !important ;"> appoint Zhou lichen as chairman of Hailan home Co., Ltd. and Hailan group < / span > < / strong > < span style =" margin:0px;padding :0px;max- width:100%;color :#333333;font- size:17px;letter-spacing :0.544px;white- space:normal;background-color :#FFFFFF;text- align:justify;font-family : Song typeface; box- sizing:border-box !important ;overflow- wrap:break-word !important ;">。 Jiangyin municipal Party Committee Secretary Xu Feng and other municipal leaders, all cadres and staff representatives of Hailan group witnessed this glorious moment.